Artist Painter Pop Art


Born in Israel in 1968, Dalit lives and creates her art in a studio near Tel Aviv. At the age of 35 Dalit made a major change in her life and became a fully-time artist. She studied art and painting in Israel’s high academy for arts – The Midrasha. She also studied at some individual courses, including a unique workshop in Italy, after which she opened her own studio in Israel.
Dalit loves to paint colorful paintings on large canvases and has developed a painting technique of color patches, which she paints with a painters-knife. She paint spontaneously in a way which every patch and color leads to another. Her works are mainly portrait paintings of well-known figures, both historic and contemporary, as well as general portraits and even commissioned self-portrait works. When she paint portraits it is important for her to create eye-contact between the image and the viewer, believing that only this approach can connect a viewer to a portrait painting.
Dalit loves life and people and in her paintings she relays joy, smile, optimism, colorfulness and emotions, using oil paints, which have depth and intensity. Her painting style is modern, colorful, and has touches of pop-art. Dalit's works are exhibited in art galleries and exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

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