Fine Art Photography

I bought my first camera in 1989 at a souvenir store in Hong Kong when I was on my honeymoon. It was fixed-focus camera with an integrated flash unit that used 135 film or an ASP cartridge. Unfortunately, because I was traveling and the film took 24 to 48 hours to develop, I couldn’t see the results of the pictures I was taking. When I got home, I brought them in to be developed and was so excited to get them back, but when I finally did, they weren’t what I hoped. Most of the photos I took were badly exposed, backbit and in shadow. I was devastated, all these beautiful places, Thailand, Singapore, Honk-Kong and not one photo that did the beauty of those place’s justice, I couldn’t forgive myself.

 I then decided to start studying photography. I bought my first good quality camera and for the next 30 years I gradually learned how to use the correct exposure and shutter speed, and special techniques for taking interesting photographs.