Top 5 Art Galleries of Montreal

November 19, 2019

Montreal’s art scene is expanding and evolving faster than ever. It has a lot of experienced artists producing beautiful pieces and some new emerging talent making the most engaging and beautiful modern art that you can see. All that being said, it is very important for you, our dear reader, as a tourist or a local to know where to buy Montreal’s most beautiful and eccentric art pieces.

In this small guide, we will introduce you to the best art galleries where you can get your hands on the most extravagant and iconic art pieces the city of Montreal has to offer. These art galleries offer everything from small art pieces to gigantic wall pieces for your office interior decorations. Whether you are a fan of canvas or acrylic printings, they got you covered. 

Let’s start our tour!

WallCandy Art Gallery: 

WallCandy Gallery features a collection of curated open-edition and limited-edition prints in a diverse range of styles.From street art, photography and fine art paintings, their selections are guided by their love of pop culture and aesthetic appreciation for timeless artwork. WallCandy Gallery is the brainchild of Stevie Ben Hamron. 

The idea was conceived during one of his stays in Miami. Stevie has been splitting his time between his pied-à-terre in Montreal and Miami for years. Both these metropolitan cities have colorful culture that have fueled his fiery passion for art. Inspired by the omnipresence of art throughout these cities, WallCandy’s founder aimed to make buying artwork accessible at any budget. They believe buying art should be a fun experience driven by what speaks to you, rather than a serious decision based on investment and return. WallCandy is all about the power of being surrounded by art that energizes and excites you!

Wallcandy has both a physical and an online presence. Here are the details of the both: 

Physical Address: 465, Rue St-Francois Xavier, Montreal (Qc) H2Y 2T1

Website: WallCandy

You can also follow them on their social platforms to get the latest of their news as well as offers: 





Station 16 Gallery is a contemporary urban art gallery that features international artists who are influenced primarily by street art and graffiti. Founded in 2008, Station 16 began as a creative silkscreen print shop working primarily in textile printing and soon began developing fine art prints, working with local Montreal artists. In 2013, Station 16 acquired its current gallery space and has been showcasing innovative artwork ever since.

You can visit their physical location at 3523 Boul St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 2T6 or visit their  website

Galerie 203: 

Galerie 203 was imagined by the owner, Corinne Asseraf, as a place to discover art, meet people and artists as well as a place of exchange between artists and art enthusiasts. The gallery is located in the heart of Old Montreal and it aims to expose many artists by combining geographic diversity and expressive painting, photography, screen printing, sculpture using installations and projects wildest as each other. The place has many exciting exhibitions per month. 

You can always give them a visit at their physical location at 227 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H2Y 1T4, or visit the gallery’s website

Yves Laroche Gallery: 

Yves Laroche has positioned itself at the forefront of Canadian art and remains committed to promoting both established and emerging artists. Rooted in the underground worlds of tattooing, graffiti, comics, cartoons, pop art, illustration, and surrealism, the art exhibited at Yves Laroche feeds off of an eclectic blend of cultural influences. Supported by its reputation and its presence at several international art fairs, YL offers an urban gallery fundamentally connected to international contemporary production.

You can pop by and pay them a visit at their Montreal store at 6355, Boul. Saint-Laurent

Montréal (Québec) H2S 3C3 or visit their website.

Galerie MX: 

Gallery MX was founded in 2005 by two longtime friends: Michael Mensi, a gallery agent, and François Lauzon, a painter. Both shared the common desire to create a designated area in the heart of the Quartier International de Montreal for various artists to display their artwork. In 2017, the Gallery joined their activities to those of the Mensi & Rioux distribution agency, thus allowing the artists represented by Gallery MX to access the agency’s wide expertise in market development on an international scale.

It is possible to pay them a visit 333 Viger W. Montreal, Qc, H2Z 0A1 or if you are feeling lazy, you can take a look at their website.

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