Fine Art Photography 

Marco Badalian was born in Hollywood, California, and grew
up between Lausanne, Switzerland and Los Angeles. He
studied architecture at the EPFL university in Lausanne, and
worked at the famed interior design firm Schuler Decoration
His fascination with architecture and design found its way into
his work when he began photographing architectural projects
for the Swiss magazine Le Journal de la Construction .
After Switzerland, Marco lived in Miami where he honed his
skills photographing luxury interiors and developing his own
visual style. In 2006 a thirst for adventure took him on a road
trip adventure across the American Southwest and down the
Baja coast, to finally stop in the surfer haven of Sayulita on the
Pacific coast of Mexico. There he opened a gallery space
displaying some of his photography collections alongside
antique furnishings imported from Morocco
Marco's work has been exhibited in Miami, Lausanne, Geneva,
Sayulita and Playa del Carmen. His photography has been
published in magazines such as Architectural Digest, Conde
Nast Traveler, GQ, and Vogue Travel.
When not traveling, Marco currently divides his time between
The Yucatan peninsula and the California high desert.