Born in Montreal of Italian parents and moving to Italy shortly thereafter, Elisabetta spent her formative years in the land of Michelangelo and Da Vinci. Her passion for painting emerged at a very young age and remained throughout her formative years. Elisabetta continued down the art path in college where she learned how to play with colors and shades and experiment with paints. Elisabetta completed her education with architecture and interior design classes where she found a profound passion for negative and positive spaces, collages and faux-finishes. It is at this point in her life that her love for the visual arts developed into a strong talent for portraiture. Elisabetta’s attraction to bright colors led her to experiment with acrylic paint, which became her medium of choice, her love of Pop Art and famous icons from the past and present became her inspiration.

Elisabetta was one of the first to specialize in celebrity portraiture and one the first to utilize epoxy resin as a top layer finishing that creates a glass like effect. Throughout the years, Elisabetta perfected her technique and style, establishing herself as one of the top artists of her generation. Twenty years and forty shows later, her art can be seen on street walls, museums, galleries and private collections around the world and she is highly sought after among celebrities for her commissioned pieces. Some of her celebrity clients include personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Celine Dion & the Kardashians.

Aside from painting, Elisabetta is also a respected designer and Actress. She has collaborated with a multitude international high end brands such as creating two watch designs for CORUM, the exclusive Swiss watchmaker and redesigning the world famous National Hotel in South Beach, including a suite that still bears her name.  As an actress, she has appeared in over thirty television and movie projects including a role alongside Amy Adams and Christophe Waltz in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes.

 Pop Artist Elizabetta Fantone