Illustration Hand Drawing / Digital Art 
My name is Fabiola, creator of “Flakesoriginals”. I re-design hip-hop artists into Disney or any cartoon character by hand drawing them first. It is a nostalgic emotional journey expressed onto a canvas - connecting people through music and art.I strongly believe in culture and there is nothing more relative than music, specifically rap, hip-hop and R&B. The cultural motivation behind music has evolved hand in hand with art. I love connecting with people, especially through meaningful and inspiring relations. I think it is very important especially in today’s society.My goal is to bring back what made us feel like home; made us feel like kids.
Everything with quality and value is being lost or forgotten through time. From Tex Avery to Popeye and even the “Looney Tunes” short films are not the same anymore.
We are steering away from quality and hand made art, everything is now being created digitally and fast while losing its purpose.
My intention is to bring back the old-school vibe and quality cartoon design, incorporating music artists who have influenced us generation after generation through powerful lyrics. My hand made art is only an extension of that. I want to be able to make an impact. Connection and emotion is what I want people to experience when they see my art. I want to use this platform to help others follow their dreams, to support and lead by example and to show them that anything you truly desire can be yours.