Photography / Mixed Media 

Fred Tiger was born in 1976.
The studied artist grew up in Germany and the UK and these times of significant political and sociocultural change had an enormous impact on his outlook for life in general and subsequently for his art.

As a photographer and well booked DJ he travelled the world extensively. The vast experience of different cultures and customs made him who he is today. Amongst others these years provided a treasure trove of inspiration for his art and thus he started to experiment with a plethora of mediums and techniques.

His works are sought after amongst collectors worldwide and can be considered an excellent investment choice.

However, the curious excentric with a zest for life wants to remain elusive. Fred Tiger considers himself a non-conformist free spirit and wants his art to be seen as an art speaking for itself and not based on his merits or personal background. He could very well tell you that he is best friends with such and such, but that would inevitably result in a different point of view the audience would have when it comes to looking at his work. And thus Fred Tiger wants to start a little revolution here. Look at his art and his art only without being prejudiced by his biography.