Artist / Painter / Abstract

Madagascar - France - Canada 

HANTA is a Self taught abstract artist born in Antananarivo (Madagascar), raised between Antananarivo and Paris, and moved to Canada since 2009 in pursuit of a new life and to find new.
She's been fortunate to have always been surrounded by Art & comes from a family Grand Artists. Hanta expresses her artistic in many forms such as fashion design
 (exhibiting at several international fashion trade shows in Paris, NewYork...), crafts and visual arts and painting.
She loves painting abstract on canvas or paper using acrylic in a fun and joyful way and  likes to transport the viewers to a world of Joy, Beauty, Texture and Colors.
Her love of vibrant colors is deeply influenced by her tropical heritage.
For Hanta, Art is meant to give you pleasure, make you happy, free of limitations & rules, a  euphoria of endless inspiration, emotion and colors.
Hanta's mission is to bring as much Joy & Happiness as possible to the world through her Works of Art .