Artist / Painter / Abstract

Prague - Czech Republic

Ivan lives and works in Prague (Czech Republic).
Ivan Klymenko artist - works in several areas of painting, such as: realism, impressionism, abstractionism, expressionism, graphic art. For example, in his realistic paintings and drawings, Ivan often depicts natural and landscape motives, architecture and the atmosphere of the city. He also constantly improves his academic drawing. In his paintings, the artist often depicts Prague, the Czech Republic and Europe as a whole, paying special attention to conveying the characteristic colors of the area and choosing an interesting theme. The artist does not shy away from experimenting in the style of painting or drawing, as well as in the use of various working materials. For example, in his early works, the artist used pencil, pastel, watercolor, gouache, tempera, or angle, eventually choosing canvas, oil.

Ivan Klymenko's paintings are in private collections in countries such as the Czech Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, USA, Austria.