C A N A D A 
Graffiti Artist / Muralist 

Jasmine "Jasnine" Dearden is a fine Artist and Muralist based out of Toronto, Canada. She is better known for her Black and White large scale murals of inspiring women around the city. 

Jasnine graduated from Montreal's leading fashion design school Lasalle College in 2009. This is where she discovered her affinity for seamless patterns and fashion illustrations. Jasnine began her graffiti journey in 2009. While working doing graphic design for various marketing and fashion companies, She religiously painted murals in her free time. When the 2020 pandemic hit she started painting canvases and decided to become a full time artist!

Her canvases consist of acrylic paints, spray paints, and graphic elements to veil elaborate lace patterns over her realistic renderings. Inspired by filters used in social media, Jas Nine’s signature lace finishes over the womens’ faces evoke a layer of strength, courage to help  navigate this world.

Jasnine's calling as an artist is to be a bringer of light to people's homes and lives. "That which is valuable is pure properly aligned and glitters with light!" Jasnine wants to create a huge a difference in people's lives to make sure they are more confident and that they  believe more in their inner light!