LONDON , UK                                                                      
Photography / Street Art / Mixed Media 


Kasseus’ Art explores his personal experiences with superficiality, sex, over- stimulation and excessive consumerism. Fusing the clean polished advertising aesthetics with raw elements taken from the street art scene, a unique contemporary look has been created.Kasseus studied film and video at London College of Communication and later self taught in photography. From 2008 - 2018 he was working as a freelance fashion photographer and video director, working with companies such as Levi's, Alexander McQueen, Net-a-Porter, Salesforce, Clinique and Olay. In 2018 he decided to leave the advertising industry and transition into art. Labeled as a pluralist artist, he incorporates the skillsets learnt through his diverse career in photography, directing, lighting, editing, sound design and compositing. Kasseus is currently developing a series of live shows to produce art in front of an audience, accentuated by an eclectic mix of video projection mapping and music.