About us

WallCandy Gallery features a collection of curated open-edition and limited-edition prints in a diverse range of styles.

From street art, to photography and fine art paintings, our selections are guided by our love of pop culture and our aesthetic appreciation for timeless artwork. WallCandy Gallery is the brainchild of Stevie Ben Hamron.

The idea was conceived during one of his stays in Miami. Stevie has been splitting his time between his pied-à-terre in Montreal and Miami for years. Both these metropolitan cities have colorful culture that have fueled his fiery passion for art. Inspired by the omnipresence of art throughout these cities, WallCandy’s founder aimed to make buying artwork accessible at any budget. We believe buying art should be a fun experience driven by what speaks to you, rather than a serious decision based on investment and return.

WallCandy is all about the power of being surrounded by art that energizes and excites you!

Why Acrylic Art?

Besides for the obvious aesthetic appeal of acrylic prints, the medium protects the artwork from moisture, harsh UV rays and has a higher scratch and shatter resistance than other similar products. In addition to these benefits, acrylic prints are 33% more vibrant than prints on canvas.

Acrylic prints are referred to by several names such plexiglass, lucite or perspex. These varieties simply refer to the brand names of the acrylic medium. WallCandy uses plexiglass.

We carry three types of acrylic art. 

  1. Direct printing on the acrylic material. The acrylic is ¾” thick. One side of the material is solid black to enhance opacity and saturation. The artwork is mounted with a solid wood frame for a clean, floating look on your wall.
  2. Face Mounting is when the image is printed on high-grade photo paper and then mounted on an acrylic sheet that is ¼” thick. The acrylic is then sealed with a layer of sintra, to create a near 3D effect.
  3. The third type of acrylic prints we feature are Face Mounted on Metallic Paper prints. Instead of using regular, white, high-grade photo paper, the image is printed on fine, metallic paper before it is layered between acrylic and sintra. This creates a larger than life vibrancy.
Both types of Face Mounted prints are completed with aluminium frames for an easy to hang, floating look.